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Science in the service of people

More than a job, a purpose

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a research-driven, specialty biopharmaceutical group committed to helping people around the world build families and live better lives. Headquartered in Saint-Prex, Switzerland, Ferring is a leader in reproductive medicine and maternal health, and in specialty areas within gastroenterology and urology.

Founded in 1950, privately-owned Ferring now employs over 6,000 people worldwide, has its own operating subsidiaries in nearly 60 countries and markets its products in 110 countries.

Ferring is opening an IT Center of Excellence in Lisbon, Portugal, to build and operate a new global ERP platform and we are looking to attract qualified and motivated candidates. To enable Ferring to keep up with new demands, changes and business needs, we are now recruiting a professional team that will implement the new ERP in countries throughout the world as well as its central and support functions.

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Our people

Ferring is committed to supporting all employees in their career development and to ensuring all our team members receive the right level of support and progression. The Human Resources Function, in close cooperation with Ferring’s Line Managers, offers development opportunities and supports the learning process for employees, who are considered jointly responsible for their own learning and continuing professional development.

Meet some of our staff and find out what they have to say about working at Ferring:

Magali Saillard

Magali Saillard

Head of Manufacturing IT

“There are many needs coming from different project and stakeholders, that makes each day different in a positive way.”
Could you tell us a bit about your career at Ferring and what made you want to be part of this company?

I joined Ferring one year and half ago as ERP solution Architect, and then I moved into a Manufacturing Domain Role and since September I have been promoted to Head of Manufacturing IT, so Ferring has enabled me to progress faster in my career. Ferring is a leader in reproductive medicine and maternal health, so it's a solid company moving through different transitions and product growth. On top of that, Ferring have 14 manufacturing sites around the world with different production types like Biotech, Bulk Manufacturing, Packaging. There are really many opportunities to learn from the sites with great and knowledgeable people.

What is a typical day like for you at Ferring?

During a typical work day, I start to review my to do list and assess progress on various projects, requests, tasks to create a list of my priorities. I like to align with all the stakeholders to solve issues, communicate regularly on the progress , put action plans in place and make sure that the tasks/projects are delivered with the right quality, cost and on time.

During my activities, I connect with the Global Manufacturing Network and the Engineering/OT network, and this allows me to stay connected with reality to build, align and communicate the digital roadmap, vision and strategy according to the business needs.

There are many needs coming from different project and stakeholders, that makes each day different in a positive way.

What’s it like working at Ferring?

I really enjoy working at Ferring Pharmaceuticals. It' a challenging job, and I enjoy working with and interacting with great people, as well as the Ferring philosophy and our culture.

Nuno do Carmo

Nuno do Carmo

Senior System Analyst

“Once we tell someone not to consider the technical limitations, it’s then that the innovation starts.”
What do you like most about your job and what you do?

In one word: teamwork

As part of the Learning Management System (LMS) global administrators team, I have the chance to work closely with my colleagues from other IT areas, and more importantly with our business colleagues around the world. Thanks to these collaborations, my work goes beyond the “simple” IT tasks, as I need to understand business problematics related to training, and find solutions adapted to their requirements. And as I stated, teamwork is the key to success and has been for the past 7+ years that I have been working at Ferring.

How do you contribute to Ferring’s success and its strategic priorities?

By bringing solutions adapted to the business requirements, it allows the business to “forget” about the IT part. While this might be seen as normal, my past and present experiences show that once we tell someone not to consider the technical limitations, it’s then that the innovation starts.

It is then up to us, in Global IT, to implement a solution that meets the business expectations and as we are working in the Pharmaceutical Industry, ensure compliance with the strict rules of GxP validated systems. On a more personal note, thanks to the LMS, I helped different parts of the business pass key audits all around the world, which has helped Ferring as a whole.

What’s it like working in Global IT?

Coming from a “pure-tech” company, on joining Ferring I had the fear that working for an IT organization inside a non-IT company would be a huge challenge.

Since 7 years, I can tell you that, while I was correct about the challenge part, I worked with some of the most knowledgeable people and this made my work much easier and more motivating.

Also, the fact we have very high requirements about validated systems (GxP), has allowed me to develop my skills for documentation and validation processes in a highly regulated environment.

Virginia Tardito

Virginia Tardito

HR IT Analyst

“I can go out of my local scope and develop myself, know the interaction with other countries, other needs and realize that in Ferring we are one”
How would you describe Ferring’s corporate culture and values?

When people ask me about Ferring as a place to work, the first thing I highlight is ethics and a focus on people. I remember that when I joined the company in 2012, the first thing I saw upon entering was the phrase “People come first” and today after eight years, I can safely say that Ferring values each member as someone special, not just their patients, but also their employees, their suppliers, and everyone they interact with. Previously, I worked in the mass consumption and systems industries and I did not find an organization so focused on its principles of leadership, ethics and transparency in business.

What is the definition of a successful employee at Ferring?

Every employee who works at Ferring needs to be willing to grow, to propose ideas and, most importantly, to join an organizational culture where respect for others, continuous improvement and a good work environment are key to making Ferring a very nice company to develop in.

What development opportunities have you been provided with?

Many! Since joining Ferring, I have been able to work in several local and regional positions. I started my career at Ferring in HR, working as a plant HR business partner in Argentina, interacting with many areas and supporting the needs of each sector. Then I held the position of HR Associate using my previous experience in HR to manage the hardest processes from the area, I even had the opportunity to have been responsible for the implementation of our ERP at the regional level.

However, the main challenge was to obtain my current position of HRIT Regional Support for Europe, Latin America & Canada and the Middle East, Turkey & Africa regions. In this new role, I can go out of my local scope and develop myself, interact with other people from other countries with different needs. Through this role, I realize that in Ferring we are one, regardless of the country where each of us is located.

In short, if you want to develop your career, learn and work in an organization that believes in the potential of its employees and knows how to develop it, Ferring is for you! I have been part of this company for eight years and this makes me very happy!

Fred Wenzel

Fred Wenzel

ERP IT Program Lead

“Ferring will acquire new state-of-the-art technology to modernise our digital capabilities holistically and ensure our strategic competitiveness.”
Why did you join Ferring to lead this critical project?

I am always highly motivated to lead complex and dynamic ERP projects which deliver business needs and outcomes, so the role at Ferring immediately attracted my attention. Additionally, it is important for me to work in an industry and business where there is meaning and purpose and therefore the role of ERP IT Program Lead at Ferring was a perfect match.

What were your first two months like on joining Ferring? (and cover joining during Covid-19)

The first two months at Ferring have lived up to my expectations! Whilst challenging to get up to speed at a very fast pace in order to start implementing the project, it has also been exciting and fun so far. I was lucky enough that I was able to be in the offices in Switzerland on some occasions, and this has been really helpful in meeting key team members and stakeholders, as well as understanding ways of working at Ferring and how to navigate the organization. I am looking forward to the ongoing journey and to having the team in place.

Could you please tell us a bit more about this project and why Lisbon was the location of choice?

The main objective of developing, designing and implementing OneERP for Ferring, is to support the acceleration and operationalisation of the company’s business objectives. Ferring will acquire new state-of-the-art technology to modernise our digital capabilities holistically and ensure our strategic competitiveness. We will deliver this project with an Agile organisation working under DevOps principles. In terms of location, we completed a comprehensive review and Lisbon Portugal was selected for its access to strong talent, as well as accessibility and cost effectiveness.

Vincent Turgis

Vincent Turgis

Chief Information Officer

“The Lisbon CoE will be fully integrated within the Global IT organisation and will play a key role in scaling the organisation in the future.”
What is your vision for Global IT ?

Our vision for Global IT is to be a trusted and recognised enabler of Ferring’s business, employees and patients in achieving their objectives. Leveraging digital technologies and solutions is key to turning this vision into reality. We also want to inspire people at Ferring with technology improvements and innovation as well as being recognised as an attractive place to grow and develop, both within and outside Ferring.

How does the new ERP system support Ferring’s growth?

Ferring requires this state-of-the-art technology to modernise our digital capabilities and ensure strategic competitiveness in order to meet our Company objectives. Replacing our existing fragmented systems landscape with a fit-for-purpose, single Enterprise Resource Planning will provide the business with a digital platform to manage and integrate multiple cross functional business applications across End-to-End processes. One ERP will enable our companywide data to be connected and “talk” across applications in real time. This will mean that process owners can be confident that they are working with the same information as colleagues in every function, anywhere around the world, at any one time.

How do you see the Lisbon Centre of Excellence (CoE) collaborating with other Global IT locations and business functions across Ferring?

The Lisbon CoE will be fully integrated within the Global IT organisation and will play a key role in scaling the organisation in the future. It will be a key building block in establishing new capabilities and competencies to support Ferring’s future growth.